Numery wydane w roku 2016 r. zostały wydane dzięki wsparciu finansowemu MNiSW ze środków na Działalność Upowszechniającą Naukę. 


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Reasons Underlying the Propensity of Polish Judiciary and Public Authorities for Underscoring the Division between Public and Public Law

In this article the author tried to identify the reasons and motives which stand behind the tendency of Polish courts and public administration bodies to invoke the classic division between public and private law. For this purpose, the author selected a group of 8 court cases and administrative decisions. Following this analysis, the author concludes that in Poland the distinction between public and private law is still of great significance, despite some views maintaining its waning status compared to Western European countries. Yet, as it appears, it is still inspiring in the process of applying law. The analysis also leads to the conclusion that the reasons for referring to this division by the courts and public administration bodies are manifold. The author concurs with a trend in academic literature according to which this division is contingent upon and reflected in a variety of legal contexts.