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Brexit – Legal Consequences and Jurists’ Speculations. Remarks on the Book by M. Kramme, Ch. Baldus, M. Schmidt-Kessel

The article is a review of a recent book edited by M. Kramme, Ch. Baldus, M. Schmidt-Kessel entitled “Brexit und die juristischen Folgen“ (Brexit and the legal consequences), Baden-Baden 2016. As the book comprises of more than a dozen of more or less loosely interrelated contributions, the review, apart from appraising the book’s structure, gives an annotated overview of each of the book’s chapters. These chapters are grouped into three larger parts covering: (1) the Treaty foundations and the legal framework of a Member State’s withdrawal from the Union (2) the impact of Brexit on selected areas of law, including, inter alia, company law, financial regulation, tax law, free movement of labour, and competition law; (3) the consequences of Brexit for Scotland and Northern Ireland.