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Formation of the Labor Law and the Processes of Codification and Decodification of Law in Poland

The Polish codification of civil law was completed relatively late. Therefore, the general phenomena that caused the decodification of civil law appeared in Poland even before the final codification itself. The first Polish acts dedicated to regulate labor contracts are prior even to the Code of Obligations of 1933. The Code itself contained some provisions concerning this type of agreement, but their application was very limited due to the existence of the detailed, abovementioned special regulations. The development of the labor law was completed (at least theoretically) by issuing of the Code of Labor Law in 1974. With the eventual loss of any importance within the field of labor relations, civil law became therefore decodified. Moreover, it is obvious, that the labor law has its own axiology, which differs from traditional principles of the civil law. Therefore decodification could mean not only formal separation of special private law provisions from the code, but also the material separation of certain fields of regulation from the civil law in general.