Forum Prawnicze is a law journal that has been published since 2010. It was created to enrich and diversify public debate on fundamental matters concerning our country and the rule of law. The bimonthly journal is to be an open forum for all representatives of legal doctrine and legal practice who want to take up issues important for Poland. It serves to address challenges which faces Polish society and our legal order, as well as it takes on Poland’s place in the European and internationa community. We hope to stimulate the debate of lawyers from Central Europe, in particular from the countries of Visegrad Group. We want to reflect together on how to carve legal solutions following the fundamental values of the Western legal culture, rooted in Roman law, Greek philosophical realism and the Christian tradition. We are concerned about the respect for each person and her or his dignity, the principles of solidarity, subsidiarity and the common good. Our contribution to the legal doctrine will be to publish papers based on the innovative methods of legal reflections.

W latach 2022-2024 czasopismo Forum Prawnicze finansowane jest w ramach projektu Rozwój czasopism naukowych ze środków Ministerstwa Edukacji i Nauki na podstawie umowy nr RCN/SN/0611/2021/1. Łączna kwota wsparcia ze środków Ministerialnych wynosi 28 000 PLN. Celem pozyskania Funduszy przez Forum Prawnicze jest podniesienie poziomu praktyk wydawniczych i edytorskich, zwiększenie wpływu czasopisma na rozwój nauki oraz utrzymania się czasopisma w międzynarodowym obiegu naukowym.

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