The essence of forfeiture is an essential issue from the point of view of the rationality of the means of criminal legal response provided for offenders. This measure should be an effective weapon, realizing its goals. For this to be the case, the norm contained in Article 316 § 1 of the Criminal Code should be adapted to the wording of the typifying provisions of Chapter XXXVII of the Criminal Code. According to the wording of the provision, money, documents, and tokens of value counterfeited, forged, or with the sign of cancellation removed, as well as counterfeit or forged measuring instruments, as well as objects used to commit the crimes specified in this chapter are subject to forfeiture, even if they are not the property of the perpetrator. Consideration of the measure of criminal legal response will be limited only to those elements of the subject scope relevant to the criminal protection of money and its surrogates.

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