Judicial Independence vs Depletion
of Ego. Study of Legal and Psychological

It is judicial independence which is one of the most important constitutional principles
envisaged to ensure the proper functioning of the judiciary, and thus the
entire political and legal system. Studies of judicial decision-making conducted
by psychologists suggest that judicial independence may be compromised not
only by external pressures, but also by the influence of unconscious, internal
factors over which judges have no control. It is submitted that the phenomenon
of depletion of ego among judiciary plays a special role, as its negative impact
on the decision of judges has been observed against the backdrop of decisions
centered around the theme of premature release from prison. The principle of
judicial independence, on account of its significance, obliges all public authorities
to provide the best conditions for its implementation and protection. Therefore, it
is not unreasonable to impute a duty on the authorities and officials to neutralize
the potentially harmful impact of internal threats plausible to be identified
during the course of decision making.

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