Freedom of Association and its Practical Application in the Slovak Republic

Freedom of association consists of a right to form associations and unions as well as a right to associate therein. Associations represent a natural and inevitable element of a pluralistic and democratic society. Optimal legal regulation enabling their existence and effective operation contributes to the stability of democratic establishment of the state. The article aims to review legal regulations governing associations in the Slovak Republic, with the underlying premise being that freedom of association belongs to fundamental rights. To that end, the article makes references to sources of law in Slovak Republic and also to the basic means of practical realization of freedom of association: people themselves, voluntariness, personal autonomy, separation of associations from the state, registration processes, legal conditions upon which state and judicial interventions are hinged, types of associations. The author seeks to describe the legal environment in which associations in the Slovak Republic operate, against the backdrop of legislative provisions and decisions of relevant state bodies and the judicial branch of government.

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