The Need to Diminish Restrictions on Access to Business in Poland

Every government in Poland tries to set up better conditions for the establishment and operation of a business undertaking. This goal could be realized by setting free the economy from limitations placed in laws. The process, referred to as “dereglamentacja” in Polish, has been growing in popularity in recent years. The authors have examined 53 forms of consents to the commencement of business activities and proposed a few suggestions as to how to change the law in order to ameliorate business done in Poland. First of all, it turned out that state officials find it difficult to identify the goals of certain limitations. This fundamental shortcoming in many cases calls into question the quality of drafting and enforcement of laws. Further, the authors claim that there is still some scope for changes, pertaining, inter alia, to lessening the number of information duties, doing away with some obligations imposed on entrepreneurs, or reconsidering if there is indeed a true need to provide different registers gathering effectively the same information.

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