Access to Information about the Environment with Regard to Cases Concerning Climate Change in Light of the European Union Courts Judicature

The purpose of the article is to evaluate the critique around the refusal of access to information with regard to cases concerning climate change by the Tribunal of Justice and Court. Is the way of the interpretation of refusal premises and the range of entitled and obligated subjects followed by the Tribunal of Justice and Court favourable to the full accomplishment of the Aarhus Convention and directive 200/4/CE, the resolution 1049/2001, the resolution 1367/2006 within climate change cases? What kind of disturbing trend (practice) may be perceived in the analysed cases and what kind of challenges may be met by EU courts with regard to the necessity of procedural environmental rights enshrinement in the context of the progressive climate protection instruments centralization process (mainly EU Emission Trading Scheme) and the spreading of climate change law range?

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