Mediation in Disciplinary Proceedings Against Members of the Academic Community

This article considers mediation in disciplinary matters against academic teachers,PhD students and students. The analysis was carried out against the backgroundof the new Act of 20 July 2018 – Law on Higher Education and Science and theRegulation of the Minister of Science and Higher Education of September 25, 2018on the detailed mode of conducting mediation, explanatory proceedings and disciplinaryproceedings in matters of disciplinary liability of academic teachers, andalso the way of disciplinary penalties and their seizure. In the first part of the article,through the confrontation of the function and the importance of disciplinaryresponsibility with the functions of mediation proceedings, the legitimacy of theadopted legislative solutions in this area was assessed – introduction of mediationto disciplinary proceedings against academic teachers and the lack of sucha solution in the case of disciplinary liability of students and doctoral students.Then, there is a detailed analysis of the provisions relating to the mediation proceedingsallowed for the display of noticed errors and defects in legal regulations.

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