The author presents trends in modern legal discussion on prescription. He suggests that the trends are defined by three basic issues. The first question is on relevance of prescription in the 21st century. The second issue concerns the future of the legal institution and the scope of its application in the new reality, i.e. determined by technological changes. The third makes us discuss whether we deal with a single legal construct or with many institutions covered for historical reasons by the same name. The article discusses the judgment of the European Court of Human Rights in case JA Pye (Oxford) Ltd v. The United Kingdom, opinions of lawyers in common law countries, specialists in continental law, mixed jurisdiction, and legal systems of Asian states. The author suggests significant importance of technological changes, including technologies based on blockchain and the Internet of Things. He discusses in detail the shape of legal regulations regarding prescription in Louisiana (USA) and the province of Quebec (Canada). Finally, he refers to the Roman legal tradition as the best tertium comparationis for discussions on prescription in any major legal orders of the world.


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