Party to the Procedure for Setting Prices for Water Services

Subject of this paper refers to applying provisions of the Administrative Procedure Code of 14th June 1960 (hereinafter referred to as: A.P.C.) within one of the stages related to determining charges for water services defined in the Water Law Act of 20th July 2017 (hereinafter referred to as: W.L.A.). Author analyses situation in which obliged entity – after the receipt of information determining the amount of charge for water services – upon the lapse of 14 days time limit – has not made the payment and has not submitted complaint. Provisions of the W.L.A. state that in the aforementioned case authority of the National Water Holding ‘Polish Waters’ issues administrative decision determining the amount of charge. Moreover, the aforementioned procedure requires applying provisions of the A.P.C. Amendments related to provisions of the W.L.A. constitute a trigger for further, detailed analysis.

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